International Conference “Responsible management of the forests in the world”
Alliance of Association Polish Green Network, NepCON, “Polish Fair Trade Coalition” Foundation invite for the International Conference named “Responsible management of the forests in the world” which is held at the Europejski Hotel (Lubicz St. 5) in Krakow on 11th December 2013 (10:00-18:00).
At the conference we are going to present topics of (un)sustainable production and consumption of wooden and paper products such as: wood, paper, groceries and many more which are connected indirectly with deforestation (such as monocultures of oil palm plantations, soy big-scale plantations, exotic fruit agriculture). We are going to present also topics about Sustainable Public Procurements, new EU Timber Regulation, certificates – FSC, PEFC, Rainforest Alliance, EU label, Fair Wild and Organic Farming.
We expect approx. 70 guests – government representatives (Ministry of Environment, Public Procurement Office), enterprises responsible for certification processes (Nepcon, FSC, PEFC, DNV, Biocert, Bioekspert) and non-governmental organizations whose main themes are responsible consumption and sustainable economics not only in our country (Centrum CSR, Institute of Global Responsibility, "Polish Fair Trade Coalition" Foundation, European Environmental Paper Network, The Network for Riau Forest Rescue). We provide Polish-English simultanic translation.
This International Conference is an integral part of three-year projekt “Buy responsibly wood and paper” provided and realized by Non-Governmental Organizations in Poland, Italy, Romania and Spain and in Malta. This project is financially supported by the European Commission and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. In Poland this project is a part of campaign “Buy responsibly”, which has a big range of different products and topics to raise an awareness about their production and consumption such us wood, paper, toys, clothes, electronics.
Admission is free of charge.
To attend the Conference we kindly ask you to fill the form which is available here.
Number of participants is limited.
Registration of participants
Opening and welcoming session
Joanna Furmaga – head of Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network
Pietro Pinto – coordinator of education and awarness raising department in COSPE (Italy)
European Timber Regulation in Poland and in EU from the six-month perspective of validation
Łukasz Wróbel – Ministry of Environment
Sustainable Procurements – opportunities in Polish law about public procurements
Marcin Skowron – Public Procurement Office
Ethical and responsible Public Procurements – possibilitie in monitoring of chain of custody in Green Public Procurements
Tadeusz Joniewicz – Centrum CSR
Discussion with speakers
Deforestation in Sumatra; Demand Fulfillment from Unsustainable Practices
Woro Supartinah – JIKALAHARI (The Network for Riau Forest Rescue) (Indonesia)
Follow the money! Stopping irresponsible investment in pulp mills
Mandy Haggith – European Environmental Paper Network (UK)
Why to certificate forests?
Piotr Sroczyński – DNV Business Assurance
FSC – idea of responsible forestry
Ewa Pieczyrak – FSC Poland
Presentation of PEFC certificate
Krzysztof Jodłowski – PEFC Poland
Rainforest Alliance certification as the nature conservancy not only in tropical forests
Monika Kowalska – NEPCon Sp. z o.o.
European eco-certificate EU-label for paper products
Joanna Tkaczyk – Polish Centre of Testing and Certification
Discussion with speakers
Forest conservancy in policies and in practicies of Fair Trade
Borys Bińkowski – "Polish Fair Trade Coalition" Foundation
Fair Wild and UTZ certification for the forest products
Dorota Metera – “Bioekspert”
Certification of organic agriculture in aspects of wild fruit, mushrooms and herbs. Certification of forest honey as the regional product
Beata Pietrzyk – “Biocert Małopolska”
Dark side of the certification processes – example of Eucalyptus plantation in Mozambique
Klaudia Wojciechowicz – Institute of Global Responsibility
Market of forest biomass fuels
Adam Sarnaszek – SGS
NEPcon dedication for the projects of forestry management in the world
Monika Kowalska – NEPCon Sp. z o.o.
Not only education. Activities of Polish Green Network dedicated to publishing houses of school book and childrens` books, Good Shopping Guide, Movie festival, Multimedial Exhibition
Iwona Bojadżijewa – “Buy responsibly” campaign, Polish Green Network
Discussion with speakers. Closing of the conference
Andrzej Żwawa – “Buy responsibly” campaign, Polish Green Network