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The Sustainable Consumption Where-to Go Guide

Where can you buy Fairtrade coffee or organic toothpaste? What can you do with books and clothes that you no longer need? Where can you get an umbrella repaired?
For a few years, people working with the Buy Responsibly Foundation have been looking for places that are friendly to responsible consumers. On the basis of our research, we have developed the Sustainable Consumption Where-to Go Guide - a virtual guide with places that offer their customers not only high quality products or services, but also respect the environment, promote ecological behavior, take care for their employees, or support human rights.
The map of locations friendly for responsible consumers is still being extend to other cities in Poland as well as updated on a regular basis. However, we will not do it ourselves. If you want to help us, we look forward to contact you.
The Sustainable Consumption Where-to Go Guide includes:
  • cafes and shops selling organic and Fairtrade products
  • shops selling recycled and handmade products
  • service centres where you can swap or repair everyday items
  • other places promoting informed, responsible consumption, e.g. places that host workshops, cultural events, film screenings, debates etc.
Where-to Go Guide was developed in cooperation with Grupa eFTe (eFTe Group), Warsaw and Fundacja Ekorozwoju (the Foundation for Sustainable Development), Wrocław.
Where-to Go Guide is available in English!