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La cave de Philippe de Givenchy 
Address: Warszawa, ul. Wilcza 28
Opening hours:
mon-fri: 13:15-20.00
sat: 13.00-20.00
What are biodynamic wines? You can find that out at 28 Wilcza St where Philippe de Givenchy, an admirer and connoisseur of wine has his cellar. The wines come from small, family vineyards, which use traditional methods, and are manufactured with respect to nature and the environment.     Biodynamic wine cultivation is very rigorous and strictly controlled. The work in the vineyard depends on the moon’s phases. Compost and herbal mixes are used for fertilizing, natural yeast is applied in fermentation, and natural plants are used in fighting against pests. These extraordinary wines are put into paper bags after purchase.
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