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We raise awareness of problems concerning the shoe and leather industry. We provide information on how the shoes available in Europe have been made. In 2013, 22 billion pairs of leather shoes were produced worldwide. Shoe manufacturing can have a negative impact on people and natural environment because of harmful chemicals used and due to human rights violations, including breaches of labour rights of workers employed in shoe production. Lack of both transparency and control of the supply chain can also have an adverse effect on consumers. That is why it is so important for us to know what conditions our shoes and the leather they are made of are manufactured in, and to react to any irregularities. We believe that workers have the right to earn a living wage, be treated fairly and work in safe conditions. Consumers, in turn, have the right to know how their shoes have been made and whether they pose any threat to their health or to the environment.
With our actions, we want to encourage Polish consumers to join a broad initiative for improving the compliance with human rights and environmental standards in leather footwear production. For the sake of the environment, the people working at tanneries and factories, and for ourselves, consumers. Together we can impact the regulation of leather shoes production by influencing European governments, suitable EU institutions, shoe companies as well as factories and tanneries. We are running a campaign addressed at companies and a widespread information campaign, and doing advocacy work. We involve consumers in all our actions. 
The project is part of the European “Change Your Shoes” campaign that we co-create with NGOs from all over Europe and Asia. The leader of the project is Suedwind Agentur.
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Under the Dowloads tab you can find digital versions of our publications. If you want to receive our publications in print, please write to us.
You can also have a look at the articles in our Resources about social and environmental aspects of leather footwear production.
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We invite all those interested to contact us and follow our actions: activists, students, teachers and companies wanting to produce and sell shoes in a fair way.

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