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We raise awareness of health and environmental problems related to the occurrence of hazardous chemicals in products we use every day. Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) include carcinogens, endocrine disruptors or substances deemed of special concern for the environment. Scientific research has shown that being exposed to several hazardous substances at once may cause adverse effects, even if the concentration of each of them remains below their individual effective thresholds. The problem is there is often no information provided about the presence of SVHC in products and many producers are unaware of their obligation to communicate such information to consumers, or the fact that consumers have the right to obtain such information on request so they can make well-informed purchase decisions.
The EU Chemicals Regulation REACH stipulates duties to communicate information about SVHC content. If an SVHC is present in an article (such as furniture, clothing, toys, electronic goods, construction materials etc.) above a concentration of 0.1%, every supplier in the supply chain must communicate this information to every commercial recipient of the product. Consumers are also entitled to this information on request so that they can make well-informed purchase decisions.
As part of the project, an application for smartphones called Pytaj o Chemię was created. You can scan the barcode of a product and you can easily ask the manufacturer whether his product contains SVHC substances in a concentration above 0.1%. We encourage you to download the application HERE.
The project is a part of the LIFEAskREACH project we are doing in collaboration with 20 partners from 13 UE Member States. The project leader is the German Environment Agency (UBA), managing the project as part of the EU LIFE programme.
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