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We are drawing consumers’ attention to social and environmental problems associated with the production, use and recycling of electronic equipment. It’s hard to imagine today’s world without consumer electronics. Mobile phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, laptops – all these devices have changed our lives, often for the better. However, their arrival has created many new problems all over the world. Our project is directed above all at young people, including students of secondary schools (junior highs and high schools), as well as their teachers. We’d like young people in Poland to know about social abuses and environmental issues that occur all over the world just to fulfill our demand for the latest gadgets. We show consumers opportunities to oppose the violation of human rights, labour rights and environmental degradation at the stages of mining raw materials, manufacturing goods in factories and recycling electronic gadgets. And we want young people in Poland and elsewhere in the world to actively join in to improve the situation. Together we can put pressure on big electronic companies to become responsible for social abuses and environmental damage occurring in their supply chains.
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In the "Downloads" section you can find interesting publications, including appealing leaflets and reports on various aspects of the electronic industry that have been published mostly as part of the makeITfair campaign and could be distributed among your friends and family.
In the "Resources" section you can find the latest articles on social and environmental issues having to do with mining of raw materials and production and recycling of electronic devices, as well as some practical advice that will help you reduce the negative impact of IT equipment production and consumption on both people and environment.
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All school teachers who would like their schools to join our project are welcome to contact us; so are journalists interested in the subject and representatives of NGOs and other institutions working in the area of human rights, labour rights, CSR etc.

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