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Educating responsible consumers

Being aware of the enormous potential of the future generations of consumers, i.e. school children, pupils and students, we have been attaching much significance to educational activity since the beginning of our “Buy Responsibly” campaign. Directing our projects primarily at teachers and students of secondary schools (junior high and high schools), we touch upon such subjects as: the 3R rule, responsible production and consumption of clothes, forest resources and electronics. So far, we have reached 1250 schools in all 16 voivodeships of Poland.
Educating responsible consumers is part of civic education which expands its scope by making young citizens aware of the interdependencies between their everyday consumer choices and the quality of life of residents of Poland as well as of people from the countries of the Global South. Our educational projects are not only about giving information and sharing knowledge but above all about changing the attitudes of students and teachers we are working with.
To show the causes and consequences of the phenomena we describe, we use the latest educational methods such as collaborative learning, very popular in Western countries. In collaborative learning, teachers and students share their experience with each other and adopt the roles of partners in the process of mutual learning. Our educational projects can also have varied, appealing forms, such as international student exchange, exhibitions at schools, projects carried out jointly by students and teachers.
We develop innovative educational materials and multimedia to present the issues of responsible consumption and production. These are ready-made workshops and lesson scripts that allow teachers to incorporate the issues we discuss into their classes. In order to make the classes more interesting, we have also prepared films, interactive materials, mind maps, educational games and other resources available to teachers.
In 2013, we are embarking on a project called “Changing habbits for good” which forms a part of the European campaign we are preparing together with non-governmental organizations from Scotland, Slovenia and Bulgaria. The project provides for raising the awareness of global development issues among pupils and teachers primaraly of secondary schools (junior highs and high schools) in the context of the groups of consumer goods that are trendy among young people, i.e. electronic gadgets and clothes.
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In the “Downloads” section, you can find an electronic version of the educational materials we have developed, including: lesson scripts, exercises, ideas for student projects, films and photos allowing teachers to implement the issues of responsible consumption into school curriculum.
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