About project: CONSUMERS' RIGHTS

Consumers' rights

Each of us is a consumer. A consumer is a person who buys any goods (eg. food, clothing, furniture) or using a service. All consumers are entitled to basic rights. How to exercise your rights, but also responsibilities as consumer? How not to be deceived in a store, bank or buying on the Internet? What is a complaint and warranty? How not to be subject to advertising and buying consciously and rationally?
During the project, which was realized in cooperation with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in the years 2006 – 2007, we tried to answer these questions raising consumer awareness among children and adolescents and providing young consumers with information about their most important rights and duties.
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Under the "Downloads" tab you'll find educational materials consisting of primary and secondary lessons plans for teachers and educational guides for childrens prepared during “What every young consumer should know?” – educational school programme we realized in 2006-2007.
We encourage you to read the articles in our “Resources” describing consumer basic rights from the perspective of young people.
Please be advised that we are not dealing with individual advice about consumer rights. Any information that can be used is available on our website. We also recommend to contact the Consumer Federation and the Association of Polish Consumers, for example, a free consumer hotline: 0800 800 008.

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