Time for consumer revolution!

Are you tired of reading and listening about the ecological disaster ahead? Terrified with plastic islands floating in the oceans? Worried about piles of unsold clothes and ubiquitous toxic waste? Join us! Time for a consumer revolution!

Let's fight together:
- for human rights and the environment, by checking companies and demanding changes for better working conditions and real environmental protection
- for our health, by changing companies activities regarding chemicals in products
- with excess plastic in the environment, by encouraging companies and consumers to follow zero waste rule
- for availability of ethical and ecological products, supporting Polish companies in changing the production model.

How to become a Revolutionary?

Change your shopping habits.

Buy less, exchange and repair! Buy responsibly, look for certificates, ask where and how the things you buy were produced, make sure this production did not harm people and the environment, or that the things you buy do not contain toxic chemicals.

Start the consumer revolution in your own home and among friends!

Dedicate as much time as you can!

Stay in touch with other consumer revolutionaries and learn about our actions on a regular basis!

Support our campaigns regularly!

As a ‘thank you’ for your regular support you will receive a GIFT from us - shopping bag made of Fairtrade cotton, which will help you in the fight against plastic.